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Leverage Experience

Fractional Support

With BuildPoint’s fractional support, you gain access to a treasure trove of professional procurement, construction, and facilities expertise without the commitment of full-time employment payroll and benefits, a feature that is especially advantageous for growing brands and retail concepts.

Industry Benefits

BuildPoint Solutions Group brings over 80 years of combined experience in store development, making us a valuable addition to your team. Through our partnerships with designers, architects, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and signage experts, we minimize your risk, maximize your savings, and deliver superior results.

Flexible Expert Staffing

BuildPoint offers experienced full-time staff where and when you need them. Avoid the cost of permanent salaries for Project Managers, Facilities Managers, or Construction Coordinators by accessing top-tier experts on a flexible basis, saving your construction team time and money.

Reduced Overhead and Payroll Costs

Outsourcing project management with BuildPoint helps you avoid costs like health insurance, unemployment insurance, and overtime payments. This not only results in significant savings but also simplifies payroll and administrative functions, allowing your Real Estate and Construction Team to operate more efficiently.

Leveraged Resources

Outsourcing your construction and facilities programs opens your projects to a wide range of skills and trades, streamlining the proposal process. BuildPoint connects you with qualified resources, from national and regional contractors to specialty manufacturers, saving you time and effort.

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