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We’ve worked with BuildPoint for years, and are impressed with the knowledge level of our brand and preferences. Involving BuildPoint in our design planning helps us seamlessly move the vision of our brand to reality. We trust BuildPoint to take the lead on construction projects and work with our landlords and franchise partners to build our salons. BuildPoint also continues to support Regis with repairs and warranty work after salons open.

–Dan Exner, Facilities Manager

Leveraging supply chain relations to benefit clients

Franchise owners consider many factors when deciding to invest in a business. One major factor is the work involved with building and maintaining the look of their store. Over the years, we’ve worked with Regis Corporation to update their Supercuts brand to something tangible and affordable for their franchise partners to achieve, and that has everything to do with our supplier relations.

We have a network of trusted general contractors, who have come to know our customers’ brand, and Supercuts is no exception. Because of our confidence in our general contractors and their experience with the Supercuts brand, we allow them the freedom to make minor decisions in the field, saving time and money.

Working with our corporate partners as they update their designs allows us to leverage our supplier relationships to save time, money and stress.